About Us


Serenity is a marketplace facilitating the funeral booking process online by bringing together businesses in the death-care and related industries with people in need of their services.

We are a technology company committed in developing tools and services in order to make the funeral booking process simple, transparent and efficient for both consumers and service providers.


Serenity wants to help people keep calm and peaceful in moments that are highly stressful and emotionally challenging. We want to take away the burden of dealing with the practical things that come with the loss of a loved one and help you focus on what’s most important.

Core values

We are eager to help you and make a positive difference. Our team has empathy and respect for the funeral process and the communities we serve.


Serenity is by your side 24/7. We are committed to catering to your ever need as you celebrate the life of your loved one.


Here at Serenity, we believe honesty and integrity lead to the strongest relationships, and that’s what we aim to build with you.


We try to put ourselves in your shoes before building any of our processes, putting careful thought in how they would be utilized in a time of grief.


We believe in complete transparency - from our personal communications and actions, to your complete booking experience.


We recognize the passing of a loved one is a very difficult time. We strive to remove as much of the stress of funeral planning as possible, allowing you to fulfill your loved ones wishes as calmly as possible.


From design and development to our customer support, our users are at the heart of our decision-making.


We will always act in a manner that builds trust. We will always be open with our customers and partners, allowing you to make your decisions knowing we have your best interests in mind.


We have confidence in our ability to deliver on our promises, and hold ourselves personally accountable on the commitments we make.


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