Keeping things simple when times are hard.

We want to take away the burden of dealing with the practical things that come with the loss of a loved one, helping you focus on the things that are most important.

Arrange a funeral
Making arrangements when grieving is challenging. That’s why Serenity has designed a simple platform to help you plan a funeral, from the comfort of your house.
Help with grief
Get the grief support you need whilst going through this turbulent times; book a mental health professional now.
Help with legal issues
Has a loved one passed away and you are in need of legal support? Serenity is here to help you find the legal support you need.
Choose the perfect partner quickly

In many cases, funeral arrangements are urgent and put you in a difficult position if you’re not sure where to start. Our platform gives you the tools and support to choose the perfect plan for your case in no time.

Finalise arrangements through the comfort of your home

In times like these, your comfort is of utmost importance. With Serenity, you are given the ability to make and manage any funeral related arrangements, from the comfort and ease of your house.

Compare prices & services

With Serenity, you have the ability to choose the best plan that fits your needs. See what prices and plans businesses in your area are offering in the specific service you are searching and choose the one that is best suited for you.

Get all the support you need whether financial or legal

If you find yourself in a difficult position trying to manage the deceased’s paperwork, whether financial or legal; Serenity offers you the ability to get legal support at the snap of a button.

Take care of yourself along the way with our professional mental health

We know how hard these times are and we are here to support you along the way. Taking care of yourself is of great importance and our platform allows you to quickly find a professional to help you deal with grief, specially selected according to your needs.

Simple process

Making arrangements when grieving is challenging. That's why we have designed the simplest process to help you select a funeral home and arrange a service. Get a quote from funeral homes near you and make a booking online in less than 30 minutes.


We provide price transparency and options comparison so you can make an unbiased decision without any pressure. Receive proposals from local funeral homes and choose the one that suits your family best.

Exceptional care

At Serenity we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We pride ourselves on going above and beyond for the families we serve.


Serenity is a marketplace facilitating the funeral booking process online by bringing together businesses in the death-care and related industries with people in need of their services.

We are a technology company committed in developing tools and services in order to make the funeral booking process simple, transparent and efficient for both consumers and service providers.